HCFI Vision & Mission

HCFI Vision

By the grace of God and undergirded by its supporters the HCFI will become a prayerful evangelical fellowship with trained people implementing Christ’s Great Commission within the Healthcare Field.

HCFI Mission

To prayerfully implement the Vision by encouraging member organizations and HCF staff members in their endeavour to:

  • Evangelize, disciple and train healthcare staff
  • Witness in word and deed to sick and dying people and their relatives
  • Train, equip and disciple HCF staff members
  • Communicate effectively with supporters
  • Mobilize and train members of local churches

Put in other words, HCFI strives to inspire and equip Christians serving in healthcare to manifest Jesus Christ in their daily life and work.


  • International Health Services
  • PRIME - Partnerships in International Medical Education
  • NCFI - Nurses Christian Fellowship International
  • Global CHE Network