HCFI Membership

Organizations Joining The HCFI Worldwide Family

National healthcare organizations who share our vision can apply for membership by submitting their constitution and other official documentation. What we need:

  • What your vision is as stated in your constitution
  • What do you believe? (Doctrinal basis)
  • Who the board members are

Double Organizational Membership: No membership fee

If a National healthcare organization is already a member of another international organization such as the ICMDA (International Christian Medical and Dental Association) or NCFI (Nurses Christian Fellowship International), you can also apply to become a member of the HCFI family by submitting an application similar to those for National Members. The only difference is that you keep on paying the membership fee of the international organization to which you belonged first.

For more information about either of the above, please contact hoschris at iafrica.com

Individual Friends of HCFI – One Day’s Wage Per Month

If you believe the Lord wants you to become a loyal friend and supporter of the HCFI and that HCFI needs regular prayer and a regular monthly income (just as you do), you can become a member and receive our Friends of HCF bulletin. We welcome prayer requests from members so that we can support you in prayer too. To join our Friends of the HCF Programme, click on the GivenGain button to set up your ‘one day’s wage per month’ donation to HCFI.



  • International Health Services
  • PRIME - Partnerships in International Medical Education
  • NCFI - Nurses Christian Fellowship International
  • Global CHE Network