Equipped for service

Character development is the best way to deal with corruption in healthcare. For Christians, values and norms are part of our world view. The process of sharing our lives with one another is called discipleship.


Leadership Training

Logo LIGHTS2020An important element in personal discipleship training is the training of leaders. Our leadership development process involves the use of the materials developed by EQUIP, a ministry founded by Dr John Maxwell.

For more information about personal discipleship training contact our Global Discipleship Promoter: discipleship at hcfglobal.org

Residential Discipleship Training

Three month discipleship training courses are held in South Africa and in the Philippines.

Participants in the Hebron South Africa Training Centre

Participants in the Hebron South Africa Training Centre

A further two months of training is available for those who consider full-time service in HCFI family.

For national leaders and for national trainers there are special one month courses.

For more information contact our Global Residential Training Promoter: residential at hcfglobal.org

Training to be Witnesses

Want to receive training on how to be a witness for Christ in the workplace in the health field?
Contact the International Saline Partnership

Training for Integral Community Health Ministries (ICH)

Want your church to impact your community through ICH?
Contact the Global ICH Promoter: ich at hcfglobal.org

We are part of the Global CHE Network.


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